FAQ For Parents

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We know that getting your child ready for college can be a challenge. Your time is precious. These are the questions parents commonly ask about Empowered for College.

Why is a program like this necessary?

Congratulations Parents!! Your child is headed to college. Many of you know the challenges that arise from going someplace new and unfamiliar. Sadly, recent studies are showing that 1 in 5 college students are now suffering from anxiety and depression. Many serious psychiatric illnesses first present themselves during this stage of life and suicide is a topic of concern for this age group. Our goal is not to frighten you, as much as it is to inform you of the benefits of taking a proactive stance to addressing the social and emotional wellness of your child before they move on and are far from your daily support. You have a unique opportunity before your child(ren) leave home to invest in their mental, emotional, and social health.

How will you be able to empower my child?

Not only will we pulling from our combined 20+ years of personal and professional experience of working with teens and young adults, but our curriculum also includes assessments such as the PEEK and the CoVitality screening tools. These assessments will provide direct feedback regarding college expectations and insight regarding individual strengths and growth areas. In addition, we’ll be providing practical, tangible tools to our participants regarding important topics such as stress management, interpersonal relationships, and self-care.

Will I know what is talked about each week?

While this program is focused more on your child, we know that you play an important role in their preparation for college, which is why we will be encouraging each participant to share what they learn about themselves with you. We hope the dialogue started here helps to better prepare you and your child for the transition to college. Parents will be provided with a list of topics we will be covering and additional resources that they can utilize on their own and with their children.

I would really like my child to attend but the cost of the program doesn’t work with my budget. Do you offer scholarships?

Our goal is to bring this program to as many students as possible. If cost is a prohibiting factor, please email us to request a financial aid application.