FAQ For Students

Students Celebrating a Success

We know that getting yourself ready for college can be a challenge. It’s a big transition. These are the questions students commonly ask about Empowered for College.

Why should I attend this program when I have already been accepted to college?

This is not a program focused on academics or test prep but on the other areas of your life (which in our opinion) are just as important. The group will be fun and interactive, and we’ll be having conversations about things that are really relevant to you now and in the future.

How will this program benefit me?

Well, for one thing you’ll have the opportunity to ask those tough/awkward questions that you have about college in a judgment free zone. And let’s be honest, there are things you want to know that you just might not feel comfortable asking your parents or even your friends. Plus, you’ll be able to connect and chat with other incoming freshmen about the things other students wish they had known before they headed off to college.

Who else will be there and what can I expect?

Our groups will be held in a casual setting with lots of comfy seating. Snacks will be provided and group size will be limited to no more than 6-8 participants per session. Participants will come from various schools in the Charlotte area. All are welcome as this will be a safe place for everyone!

What if I don’t like the idea of group sessions?

We feel you!! Most people find it intimidating to come to something new with people they barely know. If it helps, we’re laid back, entertaining, and totally non-judgmental. You might want to think of it as practice for college where you will be meeting new people almost all of the time. Our goal is to create a safe place to meet new people, while learning a lot about yourself too.

Will my parents know what we discuss?

Only if you tell them. The choice is yours, but our hope is that you will find our topics so interesting and helpful that you feel compelled to share what you have learned.